The Little Known Effects and Benefits of Creatine!

Creatine pre-workout supplements are very popular with men and women who want to get in the best shape of their lives. This mix of creatine with other ingredients has been around since the mid 90’s as a way to load more creatine into muscle cells. Early formulas used high doses of dextrose to increase insulin […]

Cured Tuna Heart – An exclusive Italian product now available in the US.

Everyone likes it, it has a mild flavor and can be eaten on its own, fresh or cooked, or declined in numerous sophisticated recipes. It’s tuna! It is quite easy to find tuna in the supermarket, in pieces or in a can, and almost everyone has eaten it at some point in their lives. But […]

Symptoms of a house centipede bite: know how to treat it if it happens to you!

It is important to recognize the symptoms of a house centipede bite. They’re also easy to spot, if you know what to look for. Before I tell you how to recognize the symptoms of a centipede bite, I’d like to clear up a simple misunderstanding. Centipede bites don’t really hurt, in fact most centipedes wouldn’t […]

Living with the new Corona virus or Covid 19: an illusion

Now that the new coronavirus has become part of the course of our contemporary lives, there is no other way out than to live with it. In my previous article titled ‘Living with the Novel Coronavirus or Covid 19’, which was published here a few weeks ago, I only explained the preliminary precautions one should […]

Mobile app development trends that will continue to dominate in 2017

The tremendous increase in the use of smartphones over the years has left everyone in awe. If you are a digital marketer or mobile app development company, you know how fast this field is changing and evolving. Mobile apps expanded to different platforms and different industries and categories over time. Rapid change and advancement in […]

Mum Buy Bakugan – You’ll hear it a lot – But what is Bakugan and where does it come from?

Buy Bakugan for my mom, how many people have heard that phrase in the last 2 months? Quite a few, I guess. But what is Bakugan and why do you keep getting asked to buy Bakugan toys? The funny Bakugan anime television series originated in Japan in 2007 and was later translated into English and […]

Solo Travel Packages – Costa Rica, one of the best vacations for singles

For solo vacation destinations, it’s hard to beat Costa Rica. It has something for everyone and at an affordable price. If you choose to go off-season, as I did, it’s an even better buy considering the surcharges that are routinely added to solo travel packages, making it difficult to find well-priced luxury travel options for […]

Those Prosperous Pastors: When to Say No

There are few things on the planet more disgusting and infuriating than the prosperity of televangelists, Christian university executives, healing hedonists, and mega-church ministers. I see it locally here when a pastor guy comes in to visit the sick with a gold ring on each finger, gold watch, gold necklace and dressed to kill. Of […]