Upper back tattoos – where is the new and good tattoo art for the back?

Finding quality upper back tattoos has become more difficult than trying to do push-ups with your hands tied behind your back. At least that’s how difficult any average web surfer feels when searching for websites that have good and new tattoo designs to choose from. Most people won’t even find “a” decent gallery. I will […]

Jamison ready to take Wizards alone with Butler and Arenas injured

The entire burden of defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round of the playoffs now falls solely on Antawn Jamison. The reason behind he is out of the Big Three at Washington Wizards, two are injured and these days Jamison is the key player for the team. Forward Jarvis Hayes said Jamison is the […]

Mini-baccarat side bets are tempting, but not good for players

Mini-Baccarat was developed as a table game in casinos to accommodate the average player. However, along with that, optional side bets were also introduced to increase the house edge. Before detailing them, I will explain how the game is played. Goal The objective of this table game is the same as the original Baccarat, where […]

Five keys to success in volleyball serving

In volleyball, the serve is the most critical component of the game. If he fails to deliver, loss is certain, but master the serve and victory is almost undeniable. Whether you’re a novice or professional athlete, brushing up on serving basics is essential to improving game performance. •SERVE 101 To deliver a serve effectively, the […]

College Football Week 10: Upstart Northwestern hands Iowa its first loss, 5 other teams are upset

Undefeated Iowa suffered the biggest loss as one of six AP Top 25 teams left upset during week nine of college football competition. The others were Oregon, Penn State, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and California. The eighth-ranked Iowa Hawkeyes (now 9-1) had their 13-game winning streak, the second-longest in the nation, stopped at home after losing […]

How to Build Confidence in Dominant Basketball on the Court Like the All Stars

Congratulations. Give yourself a couple of seconds to pat yourself on the back (3 times). Move along. Have to. Nobody watching. “Rali, why should I pat myself on the back 3 times? That’s easy…by reading this article you just placed in the top 10% of all basketball players in the world who are actively seeking […]