Should animal shelters have higher adoption fees for more? "Desirable" Dogs?

Due to my interest in animal welfare and dog rescue, I follow several different dog rescue groups, research what’s going on in these areas, and often check lists of available animals. The latter is because I can’t seem to help myself. I already have three rescue dogs and two rescue cats, and I certainly don’t […]

Find a friend forever with a Havanese Rescue

According to the Humane Society of the United States, between six and eight MILLION dogs and cats are turned over to animal shelters each year. Of those millions, half of them will be euthanized. And 25% of abandoned animals are purebreds of all breeds, including the increasingly popular breed, the Havanese. Havanese information on the […]

The History of Blackhawk Tools Plus Buying Advice

Household hand tools are very important because they have many uses. That is why there are many tool making companies that you can find. One of them is Blackhawk Company, which is a smaller brand in the Proto division. Proto is a division of the Stanley Works Blackhawk manufacturing company. It emerged nearly a century […]