The Justice Department keeps your position on GPS tracking

In a surprise move Thursday, the federal government notified an appeals court that it reserves the right to secretly place GPS tracking devices in private vehicles without first obtaining a court order. Many wonder what the Justice Department is thinking since the long-awaited Supreme Court ruling in January on this issue. In January, the Supreme […]

Top 10 Casual Resort Attire Looks for a Vacation Getaway

The casual appeal of a posh resort is sometimes referred to as “cruise wear.” If your plan is to vacation after Christmas / New Years in warm weather, then you are going to love my top ten list. Recently, designers like Contour Wear and UjENA created beautiful styles of clothing and fashion for the whole […]

How to Get Rid of Fleas Safely and Naturally – Beware of So-called "Herbal treatments"!

Since I owned an elderly dog ​​with kidney and liver problems and had recently been invaded by cat fleas by an onslaught of stray cats in the neighborhood, I set out on a search to find the safest and most natural flea treatments I could find. After extensive research, I was able to compile a […]

Starting a Business: What Kind of Business Should You Form?

Choose an entity type When you initially form a new business, you need to consider what type of legal entity to use. Here are some of the more common examples: LLC – Limited liability companies are some of the easiest to set up and maintain, and they are pass-through entities. This means that the profits […]

Things you should know about the exotic shorthair cat

Cats have been one of humanity’s most treasured companions throughout history. They are known as playful and affectionate pets. The exotic shorthair is a recent breed of cat that has become increasingly popular with cat owners around the world. The breed originated in the United States in the early 1950s. The breed was formally recognized […]

Tony Stewart wins third place of the year! – SCI August 13 Edition

The next stop on the Nextel Cup schedule is Michigan International Speedway Next week, NASCAR Nextel Cup teams are heading west, or the Midwest to be more exact, to the 2-mile tri-oval at Michigan International Speedway. Initially, MIS was inspired by the other great tri-oval of its day, Lowe’s Motor Speedway. But after almost 30 […]

What are the benefits of traveling with a travel company?

These days, many people rely on travel companies to get places. There are many benefits to relying on a travel agent to plan and organize your trip. Generally, a travel company offers tour packages that save a lot of time in planning the trip and in the necessary reservations and arrangements. In addition, package tours […]

Loving my Christmas girl disabled by congenital CMV

Waiting for our second child, who would arrive on Christmas Eve 1989, had been a wonderful experience. What a Christmas present! But the moment Elizabeth was born, on December 18, I felt a pang of fear. My immediate thought was: “His head seems so small, so misshapen.” Before I was twelve hours old, I found […]