Brian Fanale – The Rock Star – Expert Review

This expert review of internet rock star Brian Fanale is brought to you by someone whose life has been touched by the principles of attraction marketing and lives by the principles on which Brian Finale has built his empire. Biography of Brian Fanale Brian Fanale, co-founder of MLM Lead System Pro, did not originally set […]

Authoritarian vs. authoritarian or permissive parents

The media has recently highlighted a pivotal debate among parenting experts: To be a drill sergeant or an empathetic listener? To spank or not to spank? Punish or teach? In over two decades as a parent educator, I firmly believe that effective discipline means setting firm limits while treating children with respect and dignity. This […]

World Laughter Day – A Force for Global Peace and Universal Celebration

Now it’s official. Doctors all over the world have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that laughter is very powerful medicine. When enjoyed in generous doses, it has the power to lower stress levels, lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, improve appetite, and lower blood cholesterol levels. Dr. Lee Berk of Loma Linda […]

The Voices Behind Walter Lantz’s Andy Panda Revealed

Most Walter Lantz fans know Andy Panda, a panda who began appearing in cartoons in 1939, as one of Walter’s most popular characters. But who were the voices behind the bear? According to my research, the following actors voiced Andy Panda: Bernice Hansen (1939-1940) Sarah Berner (1941-1944) Walter Tetley (1945-1949) Daws Butler (once in the […]

Is there too much Bollywood in the news?

“When a dog bites a man, it’s not news, but when a man bites a dog, it’s news.” In Bollywood, whoever bites is breaking news. Whether it’s Rakhi Sawant’s tantrums on Valentine’s Day or April Fool’s Day, a tattoo on Amrita Arora’s butt or Saif Ali Khan’s hand, Mallika Sherawat’s or Aishwarya’s revealing short dresses […]

Self Confidence: Innate Trait or Learned Behavior? 5 steps to increase it no matter the answer

Q. Is self-confidence an innate trait or something we learn? And if it is an inborn trait, can we still learn it? R. I think that a debate on this topic may be beginning to develop. Many psychologists, coaches, and therapists have long held that children’s degree of self-confidence is proportional to the encouragement or […]