Head Start for Children: Educational Benefits of Reading for Children

One of the most important skills your child can learn is reading. Besides counting, it is probably the first intellectual skill to be addressed in school systems. However, it is beneficial for your children to give them a head start so that they are already beginning to read when they enter school. What advantages do […]

Dragon Age – Origins, Gem Among Gems from Bioware, the role-playing game of 2009

Format: Xbox 360, PC Style: Third Person RPG / RTS Modes: single player campaign only Pros: Impressive graphics, epic story, fascinating gameplay, top-notch voice acting, good combat, great fun. Cons: Difficulty pulling hair out at some points. Introduction Baldur’s Gate, Mass Effect, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. A company that puts all its […]

Pandemic magic

I can no longer tie myself. I am never fully awake or asleep. For a recovering addict, boredom is my enemy. I need projects and goals to maintain some productivity in my day. Without the sense of accomplishment, my days feel empty. Tomorrow I will plant my first Victory Garden. All the neighbors are doing […]

Native American novel brings new life to Lake Superior’s dead

Craig A. Brockman’s Dead of November is a supernatural thriller that will enchant readers with Native American lore, ghostly apparitions, exotic location, and homage to lost love. Set in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, one of the oldest cities in the Midwest on the shores of Lake Superior, the novel draws on the city’s historic heritage […]

Bus tours are a great way to visit new places

When thinking about your next vacation, consider letting someone else do the planning and driving. Bus tours are a fun and comfortable way to visit new places and share the experience with your friends and family. Instead of having to focus on road conditions, find your destination, and then park your vehicle, you can really […]