Things to see and do in beautiful Paphos, Cyprus

Experience Paphos, Cyprus. Want to see what Paphos, Cyprus has to offer? Here are some things to see and do on your next vacation to this wonderful part of the world. Located on the southwestern tip of Cyprus, between the Troodos Mountains (a must see) and the Mediterranean Sea. Every year it attracts thousands of […]

Omega Cold Press 365 juicing system

Does Omega Cold Press 365 juice vegetables? Omega Cold Press 365 squeezes all kinds of fresh produce, including vegetables, both hard and soft. For example, it handles beets, carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and more. Shred stringy vegetables like celery. All products are equally easily squeezed and large amounts of juice are extracted. The extracted […]

3 secrets to cure your sinus problems

Say goodbye to chronic sinus problems. You’re sick of that vicious cycle of one antibiotic after another that only leaves your sinuses primed for another infection and more suffering. Find out the hidden causes of sinusitis and you’ll be well on your way to overcoming those miserable sinus problems. Are you ready to get out […]

Individual character: will it be the same after death?

Dr. Raymond Moody carefully studied the visions of people near death. They reported similar experiences to each other which he termed the ‘near death experience‘. What the typical individual notices are: “A warm spirit of light appears and this being communicates in a non-verbal way so that he thinks back to his past life and […]

Is single teenage motherhood acceptable?

Today, almost twenty million children live in single-parent households. Almost half of these twenty million babies live with single mothers. With the advent of the birth control pill in the 1970s, this is truly an anomaly in American society. Of the approximately ten million children who live with single mothers, about half a million of […]

The Narcissist Method: How Narcissists Control You in 3 Steps

I’m going to show you the exact method narcissists use to manipulate your perceptions so they can vent to you to get their needs met and put up with their bad feelings. Narcissists are complicated, but they are also formulaic and have remarkable behavior patterns when taught how to spot them. Narcissists have unresolved personal […]

Children’s Sleep Patterns: How Much Sleep Should Your Child Get?

during childhood ————— A baby’s sleep patterns vary with each child. The first three to four weeks, outside the womb, your baby will have long and short sleep intervals. Your baby has not made the distinction between night and day, so he will wake up at night just as he does during the day; just […]