A solid wood bed frame combines traditional and modern aesthetic appeal

A bed frame is central to modern or contemporary bedroom furniture designs. They provide a comfortable surface to sleep on, and that’s the practical aspect. They also make the bedroom a cozy, warm and beautiful space. The terms contemporary and modern to describe furniture design can sometimes confuse the common man. The term “modern” generally […]

The benefits of buying unfinished kitchen cabinets

If you’re considering purchasing new cabinets for your kitchen, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the many options. Take a look at some of them and you will see that each style can be made from a variety of materials. Even more daunting is the number of shades in cabinet stains. However, there is another […]

Natural Quartz Countertops – Do you know how they differ from granite and solid surface?

Natural Quartz countertops, the beauty of natural stone with much less headaches. Let’s see what makes quartz countertops unique. In my coverage of this topic I am using data from the following manufacturers that I am involved with. SileStone offers approximately 41 different finish options in its line, while DuPont Zodiaq offers 46 plus 8 […]

The Basics of RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are becoming a common feature for all kitchens. Homeowners are looking to find the best cabinetry on offer to make their kitchens as attractive as ever. RTA kitchen cabinets have different well-established specifications that are used to manufacture them. All of these cabinets are unique in their own different ways and the owner is […]