StairMaster Fitness Equipment: Health Club Quality Fitness Steppers

StairMaster is a brand of quality exercise equipment for health clubs, best known for its world-renowned stair climbers and StepMills. The StairMaster stairlifts have two individual disconnected rungs, which act independently of each other, while the StairMaster StepMill has a rotating escalator. Almost thirty years ago, the first StairMaster exercise climber would enter the world […]

How to get in shape by exercising with mini trampolines

In the 1970s, trampolines, or rebounders, as they were called then, did wonders to keep people in shape and help them keep up with their training schedules. The use of trampolines was all the rage back then, and soon, it lost its glory as a top-notch weight loss team with the advent of gyms. However, […]

Cycling 101: How To Conquer That Fear

It seems that advances in science and technology have made life easier for people: transportation that takes us where we want to go, machines, appliances and gadgets that make work easier. In particular, with the advent of the Internet, almost everything can be done online: reading, studying, banking online, and even shopping. However, the ease […]

Frequently asked questions about choosing the best lightweight walking shoes

If you find yourself stuck in the dilemma of deciding what type of lightweight walking shoes to buy, here are some questions that can help you select and buy the right lightweight shoes for you or your loved one. Should you buy walking or running shoes? Shoe manufacturers design their shoes according to their purpose. […]

Easy Vegan Lunch Ideas – Healthy, Easy-to-Make Vegan Meals and Recipes

Lunch during the week for most people must meet two criteria: it must be fast and easy prepare, and must also be tasty and nice. For people on the vegan diet, they can sometimes get a bit exhausted thinking of new and exciting lunch ideas that are easy to do. In fact, there are so […]

Dark meat chicken and high protein diet for weight loss surgery

Chicken legs and chicken thighs are often left behind by those who follow the high protein diet of weight loss surgery and prefer leaner and lighter breast meat. For years, dieters have rejected dark poultry meat as too high in fat to play a beneficial role in a healthy weight management lifestyle. But this nutrient-dense […]