An exhilarating, heart-pounding adventure and introduction to technical canyoning: Rappelling Coon Bluff, AZ

The amazing state of Arizona is known as canyon country and is home to many beautiful and diverse slot canyons with sheer rock-walled cliffs, deep natural pools, and stunning waterfalls and cascades. Many of these beautiful canyons are still relatively unknown, rarely visited, and not far enough off the beaten track to be reached in […]

Overcoming artist’s block (part 2)

Once you’re ready to start working again, you’ll know. instinctively. All artists go through periods of ‘creative block’; It’s normal, but after one of those episodes, there are ways to stimulate ideas and get creativity flowing again. Visit your local library and check out books that cover materials, techniques and topics that are unfamiliar to […]

My husband will not take full responsibility for the affair: he partially blames me

Sometimes I hear from people who are on the receiving end of a very infuriating excuse for an affair. Sometimes the cheating spouse is not willing to take full responsibility for his or her actions and take all the blame. He sometimes finds it preferable to shift at least part of that blame to his […]

Immigration: Love, Marriage, and the Green Card by Shah Peerally, Esq.

Marriage is a very important concept and establishment in the United States, and as such, Congress has determined that a foreign national who marries a US citizen has the immediate ability to apply for permanent residence under a first-category preference. It’s good to know that permanent residents (“green card” holders) can also file a marriage […]

Cracking Competitive Exams in the 21st Century

Today’s students are proactive when it comes to academic matters. They do not hesitate to refine their understanding of certain concepts or topics through different innovative means. Whether it’s scribbling down the notes of an entire lecture on a piece of paper or watching a documentary to connect with a particular topic on an emotional […]