giving a big "Take a walk" sales presentation

Salespeople need to know that a tour is not just a presentation, it’s an opportunity to discover the customer’s needs and turn the features of your product or service into a benefit for that customer. Learning good sales techniques takes practice, and learning to give a “walkthrough” sales presentation is essential to the sales process. […]

Nine movies that make you want to scream: “Stop saying that”

Movie moments are nice things to share with the people you care about. Most of those shared moments consist of, “Remember that part when the guy with the thing…” and before they can finish, you intercut with your own wave, “Oh, I totally love that part!” But occasionally this process extends beyond an inner circle […]

The best dog breeds for families with small children

There are many wonderful and lovable dogs that are perfect for families with small children. Child-friendly dogs will tolerate hair pulling, continuous play, and being picked on, poked at, and stepped on. The following list of dogs will tolerate the rough and messy lifestyle of a family with small children. golden retriever The golden retriever […]

How to have fun and lose weight in the cold of winter with exercise

When the weather is nice, I kayak several times a week and ride my bike as often as I can. Dogs go on long canine walks with the next lake as the destination for the watering midpoint, there are skate queues nearby at Hudson Mills Metro Park for Saturday or Sunday morning skating. Now that […]

College students and spring break in Sin City? Find cheap Las Vegas attractions and free shows!

College students in Sin City on a budget? Find free Las Vegas attractions and shows and have fun on spring break with these money-saving tips! When you think of Sin City (also known as Las Vegas), money and luxury come to mind. So how does one manage in Sin City on a college budget of […]