The Power of Your Personal Brand – Celebrate your talent, your uniqueness and market yourself!

As a young corporate manager in the 1980s, my colleagues and I heard a lot about “dressing for success” and the importance of professional image. We were told that creating a powerful persona was crucial to a successful career (especially for women), so we read books and magazine articles, watched Oprah’s guests, listened to image […]

How important is packaging design to the success of your product?

Packaging is the third largest industry in the United States valued at $110 billion per year. There are an estimated 350 billion packages ranging from the smallest item in pharmaceuticals to bulk bags used to carry thousands of pounds of contents and that can withstand rigorous transportation. product packaging design Consider what product packaging design […]

What is the difference between: a lawyer, a solicitor, a lawyer, a lawyer, a counselor and a lawyer?

Have you ever wondered where all these somewhat confusing terms come from? Well, the answer is that they are all kinds of Lawyers originating from various legal systems. Some of the terms are from the English legal system, some are from Scotland, and some are from the American legal system. An attorney is someone legally […]

black milk

Saadat Hassan Manto (1912__1954) was born in Sambrala (now part of eastern Punjab) on May 11, 1912. He himself gave birth to ‘Manto’ as he neared the end of his school days. The first page of the book contains the following lines titled as “In memory of a conversation”: “The milk of human kindness…if you’ll […]

Learn how to conduct outsourcing risk assessments and manage outsourcing risks

In business, everything you do that involves the movement of resources involves some form of risk, and this includes outsourcing. The concept of outsourcing is good. It is often a win-win situation between business owners and offshore service providers. However, one can still face problems when it comes to allowing people outside of their company […]