How to fit Ironman triathlon training into your busy schedule

When I started competing in triathlons about eight years ago, I set out to finish an Ironman, the ultimate triathlon. 2.4 mile swim; 112 mile bike; 26.2 mile run. It sounded incredibly crazy. At the time, I was in law school and studying for most of the day. Consequently, or so I thought, I couldn’t […]

Content is King – Powerful Marketing Tool and Traffic Generator

Some websites have no problem attracting people to their site; They are so popular that everyone seems to know about them. So why isn’t yours like this? Is it the wrong type of marketing? There are so many marketing methods available that it is sometimes a case of trial and error before you find the […]

Divorced Parents and Moving, the Custody Problem

Many divorced parents with custody of children are considering moving out of Michigan to take a new job. Many times these parents must move out of state to find acceptable employment to support their families. This issue is complicated when it comes to minor children and the parents share joint legal or physical custody. I […]

Internships – Who benefits more, intern or company?

Of all the applications we receive, the only type that exceeds those seeking employment are those seeking internships. Both types arise from youthful exuberance about the work we display on our website and the eagerness to participate in their dream career. Marketing is probably one of the most popular job options, especially since it can […]

Delaware Company Code

The Delaware Corporation Code is the set of laws that pertain to corporations and business entities registered in the state of Delaware. Important sections of the code are those on corporations, trade and commerce, counties, courts and judicial processes, probate and fiduciary relationships, state government and state taxes. The corporations section primarily handles matters related […]