Klout and his role in the Twitter phenomenon

Twitter is a popular social networking site that allows its account holders to post short messages that can be viewed instantly by other users around the world. Twitter’s ability to instantly connect users with friends and even celebrities has fueled its intense popularity. Several Twitter users, especially celebrities, are influencing the site with their hordes […]

How do you promote your business? Answer: promotional marketing

You know you need great marketing to get your company and its products and services in front of your target market or ideal customer. Creating an effective promotional marketing program will drive customers right to your door, website, inbox, or phone and entice them to buy what you have to offer. What is Promotional Marketing? […]

Your Muffin Top is not only disgusting, but incredibly dangerous to your well-being.

Losing your muffin top, it’s not just about looking good! Do you recognize that most of us right now have too much body fat on top of the bun? The initial problem that most of us find associated with added fats on top of muffins is that it’s just plain unsightly. Are you hiding your […]

Records Management: When does a document become a record?

The answer is simple: “A document becomes a record when the description of the document’s contents can be found in the company’s official records retention program.” To be more precise, “an original document becomes an official record when the content of a document matches the words and phrases of the company’s official records retention program.” […]

Are they animal healers? The healing power of a cat’s purr

animals are healers Did you know that there is a healing power in a cat’s purr? I have always held that animals are highly intelligent, sensitive, reasoning, and spiritual beings, and that they are natural healers. They are in tune with our sense of well-being, both physical and mental. When we take the time to […]

The New Future: Strategy is fundamentally about how you are going to deliver unique value

Organizations today operate in a highly dynamic business environment, which is compounded by complexity and uncertainty throughout society. For the foreseeable future, business leaders will need to master the disciplines of uncertainty. Today’s news is not very good. Every time we think we are on the silver lining of the recession, we are thrown into […]

sunny and boycs

There have been some truly great opening batsmen to grace Test cricket since its emergence in the early 20th century. Some of them left an undeniable mark on international cricket. We are truly unfortunate people of this generation who didn’t see all of their talent and couldn’t see for ourselves why they were so highly […]

International Phone Number Lookup – How to Look Up International Phone Numbers

Most people who have tried it would agree that searching for an international phone number is a very difficult and time consuming process. Many countries have different laws and regulations about reverse phone directories and who can access and use them. These directories are what you use to look up phone numbers and find out […]

Condo Picks for Bangkok’s Phrakanong District

New condominium and apartment blocks seem to spring up every fortnight in Bangkok. In the course of a year, it’s not uncommon to see two dozen or more well-appointed and well-located buildings materialize in central areas of the city. This provides many opportunities for anyone looking to lease or rent residential property close to Bangkok’s […]