Dance classes improve test scores and more

Every year in late spring, my daughter’s school spends a week rehearsing, dancing, and performing for its World Dance Festival. Frankly, I wish dance was part of their year-round curriculum, because in addition to the obvious physical benefits, students who are dancers have been shown not only to be better and more self-confident, but to […]

PS3 Move Motion Controller Technology Brings New Gaming Experience

A new dimension or experience in PS3 games comes with the new controller. In 2011, many Playstation3 Move games will be released that will make full use of the wireless controller functions. The new controller called “Move Motion” will be played with games specially designed for it. Some of the games that can be found […]

Fishing for Fish Oil Supplements for Heart Health

You may have come across the famous American Heart Association statement that “Omega-3 fatty acids benefit the hearts of healthy people and those at high risk for or suffering from cardiovascular disease since the publication of the scientific statement in 2002. The market simply went crazy with thousands of fish oil supplements claiming to be […]

How to Leverage Kindle Unlimited to Market Your Books

If you’re a seasoned author already racking up sales and new readers, or just dipping your feet into the vast waters of the desktop publishing industry, the idea of ​​making your books available through Kindle Unlimited (KU) has no meaning. Doubts. crossed your mind. The real question is, should I or shouldn’t I? Is there […]

Mobile apps for business: the power is in PUSH

Thinking of launching a mobile application for your business? If not now when? Now is the time to seize this wave of opportunity. We all know, as entrepreneurs and business owners, that to remain competitive in today’s market, you need to position your business to take advantage of emerging trends. Mobile marketing is NOT in […]

The true meaning of the KISS sales method

You’ve probably heard the expression: Keep it simple, stupid! This is known as the “KISS Method” of selling, but it is not really a method, a systematic way of doing something. In a way, it is an anti-method. Methods tend to be technicalities, lots of dos and don’ts, carefully implemented. KISS cautions us against selling […]

The Skechers Shoes Success Story Continues

Skechers is an American footwear brand founded by CEO Robert Greenberg. He launched the Skechers brand after leaving the LA Gear athletic shoe and apparel brand in 1992, a brand he had helped build and succeed. Initially, the Skechers brand started out as a distributor for Doc Martins, but they soon launched their own footwear […]