How can your clients create wedding cards with a custom product designer?

In the midst of the daily life we ‚Äč‚Äčlive, there is a day that seems like a fairy tale. And that’s the wedding day! The couple who are about to get married and their family members do everything they can to make the wedding perfect. One of the most important aspects of planning a wedding […]

Google tools to improve digital marketing in 2018

Almost every major company, regardless of industry or state, uses Google to meet some type of requirement. Whether it’s Google Drive, Google Docs, or the well-known Gmail, it seems as if they all rely on at least one of Google’s Services to support their work routine of daily life. That being said, there are some […]

How To Write A Digital Internet Marketing Business Plan Online

It is common for companies embarking on internet marketing and social media to think that they need to build their strategies around technology and not look at the needs of the audience first. Every business needs an integrated marketing plan. Sometimes companies view digital planning as separate, but ideally your online marketing plan is integrated […]

Free Google Website Tools Webmasters Should Know About

If you have a website, there are a number of free tools available to webmasters through Google that are absolutely essential to help you increase your website’s visibility and traffic. The Google search engine is one of the most widely used search tools on the Internet. You can find these tools by going to […]

Six Simple Practice Building Tips That Ensure Exponential Practice Growth

The following article contains six simple practice building tips that you can easily incorporate into your own daily routine, ensuring exponential practice growth. In fact, these can fit so perfectly into your day-to-day marketing efforts that the only way you’ll know you’re doing them is through the sheer number of patients they bring in. Since […]

Technical documents B2B Vs Technical documents B2C

Is there a difference between B2B white papers written by businesses for business and B2C white papers written by businesses directly for consumers? Most of the articles are written for the B2B market and very few are written for the B2C market. There is an idea that business executives and decision makers are the only […]

How to optimize your website for local searches

7 SEO strategies to optimize your local business website Last year (has it really been a year since we first entered COVID-19 mode?), We’ve heard a lot about the #ShopLocal movement. Especially during the holidays, people focused on buying gifts within the community to support small businesses. The Retailers Council of Canada (RCC) found that […]