NHL – Who Cares League

The NHL is suffering from low ratings. While they pay millions of dollars to untalented and underperforming players, no one is watching.

The only networks that cover the sport are OLN and NBC (on Saturdays). The NHL is a fifth tier sport that followed the NBC poker series during the week ending 07/05/06 according to Zap2it (http://tv.zap2it.com/tveditorial/tve_main/1,1002,272 % 7C% 7C% 7Csports, 00.html).

This is sad. NHL players and owners feel that NHL players deserve multi-million dollar contracts, even when NBC’s poker series has higher ratings. It’s supposed to be the NHL playoffs. Why aren’t the ratings higher?

The simple answer is that NHL boss Gary “NBA” Bettman has destroyed the game. This guru took hockey away from its roots and the people who loved the sport and brought it to the southern sunbelt.

His plan has failed and he has alienated the true hockey lover like me, who would rather see North Dakota play Minnesota in a WCHA college game.
Bettman destroyed professional hockey in Winnipeg. Like other Canadian cities, Winnpegers are hockey lovers.

The Winnipeg Jets moved to the retirement capital of the west, Phoenix, Arizona. This little plan has failed, despite Wayne Gretzky coaching the team and owning part of the Phoenix Cayotes.

The NHL has lost its fan base and has become a “who cares” sport. When someone tells me there is a playoff game tonight, I say “who cares.”
This league doesn’t mean anything to me anymore.

The NHL used to be a league of superstars who were passionate about the game. Winning meant everything to those players, even though their salaries weren’t that great.

The current professional hockey player doesn’t give a damn about the game or its fans. They care about the dollar and only about the dollar.

When these thugs have finished counting their loot, they can be seen fighting with another supposed professional hockey player.
So what you are left with is a greedy player who is more concerned with playing poorly with a partner and then playing hockey.

Who is to blame for this? Like any organization, the blame must fall on the leader. Since Gary “made the wrong bet” Bettman runs the NHL’s “replay” show, he must take the blame.

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