Amsterdam sightseeing guide

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is a very beautiful place to visit at any time of the year. It is very famous for its tourist visits to the canals and the historical museums that it owns. This place is very famous among honeymoon couples, perhaps. Also, college students who like to explore visit this place again and again. Amsterdam is basically known for its allocation and the great variety it offers between everything. Being very small in size, this city still has an advantage over many large cities. Amsterdam is believed to have something in store for every visitor. It is surrounded by enormous beauties, a glamorous lifestyle, romantic scenic spots, and modernity.

Museums are one of the biggest attractions in this city. A collection of remarkable and wonderful paintings can be found in this Van Gogh Museum, which is one of the most famous museums in this city. The feeling that you will get here, seeing all these incomparable paintings, is incomparable; It is a perfect reflection of the ancient history of this city. In this museum about 500 paintings with 700 written documents are exhibited. Two other museums found in Amsterdam are NEMO Amsterdam and Hermitage.

Sightseeing in Amsterdam is wonderful and very picturesque as it has so much to offer. Large canals and dams are the most important attractions of this city. This place is blessed with an enormous amount of natural beauty, as Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world. Due to all these places, more and more tourists are drawn to this place. The dams in this city offer a disruptive history of its past. Strolling around this city is fun too, as there are plenty of places to have a picnic, making for the perfect start to a day.

Dam square is a place that you must visit if you want to be calm, the environment around this place is very calm and it is one of the most famous places in this city. Heineken Experience is another place that offers a lot of fun with knowledge, as it lights up about the bear through multimedia means, which makes it a really enjoyable experience, like watching the production process of a bear bottle, feeling like if it were inside one. The narrowest houses located around Dam Square are one of the most famous houses in the world due to their narrowness. All the houses located there are 101 centimeters wide, which makes it an incomparable record.

Due to all these characteristics, Amsterdam is so famous all over the world. It deprives itself of both modernity and ancient culture, giving a touch of both. It is obvious that you will feel great, as this city will delay you in an experience that you will never forget. Must be visited at least once in life. This city has that 17th century flair, stems from the surrounding suburbs and is the world’s leading diamond trading and financial center.

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