The best dog breeds for families with small children

There are many wonderful and lovable dogs that are perfect for families with small children. Child-friendly dogs will tolerate hair pulling, continuous play, and being picked on, poked at, and stepped on. The following list of dogs will tolerate the rough and messy lifestyle of a family with small children.

golden retriever

The golden retriever is one of the breeds preferred by families. This breed of dog is one of the most playful breeds out there. A golden retriever does not bark excessively, enjoys spending time with people, and is very loyal to all family members.

labrador retrievers

Labradors are listed as one of the most popular dog breeds by the American Kennel Club. A Labrador Retriever can quickly learn your house rules. These fun-loving dogs are full of energy and will play for hours. They are easy to tame and love to learn new things.

basset hounds

If you want a more laid back dog for your family, check out the Basset Hound. This dog is not easily excited, making it the perfect choice for families with docile children. This breed loves to be with the family; however, it will not get under your feet like other dogs do.


If you want a dog that will play with your children and protect them from danger, look no further than a Collie. These dogs are independent, but easy to train. A collie is a bigger dog, but it is a very gentle dog.


Beagles are wonderful family members and are great with children. These smaller dogs are highly intelligent and very easy to train. Beagles are gentle and highly protective dogs, which can be great for families with small children.

bichon frize

If you are looking for a small dog, a Bichon Frize may be the perfect choice for a family with small children. This fun-loving dog loves to play and sheds very little. This smart pup loves spending time with the family and enjoys playing animated games of fetch.


The Poodle is an excellent choice for children with allergies because it does not shed. This smart dog can become a child’s best friend. The dog’s friendly nature and patience make it the perfect companion for your child.

There are many breeds that do well with young children. Introduce your children to your new puppy and teach them the proper way to handle a dog to help prevent injuries from occurring. Soon your child and puppy will be the best of friends.

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