How to please a girl: make her scream with pleasure and beg you not to stop all night

Having the ability to please a girl in bed is almost every man’s dream. But the problem is that most men can’t do it. I’m not trying to scare you! In fact, if you continue reading, you will discover some amazing tips on how to please a girl and give her mind-blowing orgasms tonight.

Tip #1- Put her in a sexy mood

One of the mistakes most men make is simply rushing into sex without even getting their female partners in the mood. This will only lead to disaster. Since you want to please her girl so that she can enjoy the experience too, you need to turn her on so that she can be horny and ready for you.

** Talk sexy to her: This is one way to put your girl in a sexy mood. You can tell him some of your fantasies and ask him some of his. While she is thinking about them, she will get hot and ready for you in the process.

** Kiss and caress her: Start by kissing her all over her face and then slowly work your way down to other parts of her body. This will make you feel good and give you chills all over your body.

** Stroke her chest – This is a very important tip on how to please a girl. Caressing a girl’s chest can really intensify the arousal inside her. You can also suck on her nipples and use your tongue to play with the sensitive areas around them.

Tip #2- Stimulate the clitoris here

The clitoris is a very sensitive area of ​​the vagina. When properly stimulated, it can cause you to experience mind-blowing orgasms. You can use your fingers or your tongue to accomplish this. You can start massaging the tip of your clitoris and then slowly insert your fingers into your vagina as you lubricate yourself more and more.

You can also ask her what she likes and then focus on that. Start slowly, and as you feel more comfortable and relaxed, you can go a little faster. The next thing you can do is give him penis penetration. At this moment, she will want you so much, which will make it very easy for you to give her an amazing orgasm.

The question of how to please a girl can be easily answered by relying on having a little patience and addressing all her erogenous zones in the right way.

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