Two main hospitals in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Tashkent is translated as the “city of stone”. This city is the capital of Uzbekistan and one of the oldest cities in Central Asia. Tashkent has many mosques and religious sites and is often referred to as the cultural capital of the Islamic world. The city is modern, but it also retains much of its heritage. The healthcare sector in Tashkent is in a development phase and you should look to leading private hospitals for quality healthcare. This is a note on some of the major hospitals in Tashkent.

The Tashkent International Medical Clinic, located at 38, Sarikul Street, is a famous hospital in the international community of Tashkent. An authorized non-governmental organization well known in the country established this center in 1994. The clinic is specifically designed to provide global standard medical services to the international community in Uzbekistan. Staff members of foreign embassies, international representatives, along with other expatriates and their families in Tashkent are regular visitors to this hospital. It provides a good diagnostic and therapeutic service in the fundamental medical specialties. It employs internationally trained staff and all hospital services are available in English and other languages.

The dental unit treats all types of dental, oral diseases and facial injuries. They also have an orthodontist on staff. Complete vaccination schedules are also available. The center offers many health promotion programs and packages including weight control, immunizations, prenatal and postnatal care. It has a modern emergency center staffed by US-accredited advanced life support physicians. It also offers medical evacuations to members. It has a good pharmacy and laboratory. In addition, the clinic has ECG, modern X-rays, pulmonary function test, audiogram and ultrasound. Telephone: 998 71 291 0142

MDS-Services hospital is another modern hospital and is situated on Botkin Street in Tashkent. This private hospital founded in 2004 offers effective medical service by employing many well-trained doctors. It has well-equipped departments in all medical specialties. It has clinics for diabetes, infertility, epilepsy, allergies, obesity and more. The therapeutic department on the second floor has 12 beds. The language of the service is Russian and Uzbek.

An operating unit with two operating rooms offers effective surgical service in all major areas. He is known for advanced video laparoscopy and endoscopy. It has a modern emergency department, ambulance services and an intensive care unit. Phone: 269-7085

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