Staycation – Is it for me?

According to experts, this year is the year we all decided to forgo foreign delicacies and spend a cheap holiday in the UK.

The word ‘stay at home’ has entered our vocabulary, whether we like it or not!

So is staying home the new thing to go?

It can be argued that with a little application and ingenuity, you can have a perfectly enjoyable break that doesn’t involve a 5.15am catch from Heathrow, and unless you’re a really terrible cook, not Montezuma’s Revenge in the end either!

So here is my guide to making the most of your vacation at home.

Take a look at some of the destinations listed here: boat trips on the canal, renting a country house, a getaway to a good hotel in the middle of the week …

Remember, it’s a party – so leave the mobile off. Don’t take calls from work. Unless you really want to, don’t wallpaper the living room.

Take a break from the kitchen, go out to eat, or ask for a pizza to be brought to you.

Yes, you can watch TV during the day if you want! Or take a nap or have a beer with your lunch, it’s your break up, so do whatever you feel like doing. Or nothing.

Now is the opportunity to try a new activity. Fishing or golf maybe? Check out our guides.

Read that blockbuster novel you’ve been thinking about for years. And if you really want to save, check out your local library for free (but don’t do what I do and forget to return them! Those late return penalties quickly add up!)

Fantasy ideas: take your other half on a date. Leave the children with the grandparents and enjoy a romantic stay in a luxury hotel. Or have a separate vacation: a weekend with the girls (or the boys).

A little ingenuity and imagination can go a long way. Imagine that you are a foreigner in your own neighborhood and look at the places of interest: castles, museums, art galleries, parks. Go swimming at the local leisure center! Rent a bike and hit the local trails. Have a picnic in the park. Try a new restaurant or a different type of food, maybe Thai or Mexican. With a little foresight, a UK holiday can be just as rewarding as a holiday abroad.

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