It’s festival time: entertainment, food and different culture

A party, an occasion that is usually celebrated by a society and that focuses on some typical aspect of that society and its faith or culture. Typically marked as an area or rest, mela or eid. After faith and traditional knowledge, one of the main causes is agriculture. Food is such an important supply that many festivals are tied to the harvest. The spiritual honor and blessing of good harvests are mixed with the events that occur in the season, such as All Hallows’ Eve in the northern hemisphere and Easter in the southern hemisphere.

Festivals often serve specific community purposes, particularly in reference to honoring and blessing. The celebrations provide a path of joy for spiritual, social or geographical teams, conducive to group cohesion. They will also offer entertainment, which was significantly important to local communities before the advent of mass-produced entertainment. Festivals that focus on cultural themes can also tell members of society about their beliefs; the participation of the elderly sharing stories and also contributing knowledge for harmony between families.

Festivals you must do in your life to try the way of life in the different place

Jayanti Buddha

Buddha Jayanti is the day when all Hindus and Buddhists celebrate the birthday of Lord Buddha. This day is important in both Hindu and Buddhist cultures. On this day people like to visit the monasteries and the place where there are monasteries of Lord Buddha. This day is celebrated in many countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Brazil, the United States, etc.

dashain festival

The most important festival that Hindus celebrate for 15 days is the Dashain Festival. This festival is celebrated to celebrate the victory against the devil. Different forms of the goddess Dugra will be worshiped at this festival. This festival is the longest festival in the list of festivals of Hindu culture. As Dashain arrives, flying kites becomes more and more of a day job. Kite flying has been a really vital part of the Dashain celebration within the country because it is seen as a way of reminding God not to send any more rain. Throughout the festival, people of all ages fly kites from their rooftops. Colorful kites and voices shouting ‘changa cheit’ fill the days of the festival.

tiji festival

The Tiji Festival is the most uplifting festival in the Upper Mustang region of Nepal. Ancient folklore describes how the Tiji Festival was distinguished to record the victory of good over sin. What is now the Mustang region is considered to have been in trouble, and was being blighted by a beast that spread disease and carried away the water. Dorje Jono fought and conquered this demon and the festival marks his achievement with mantras of worship and flashy dances.

Saga Dawa Festival

Saga Dawa is the distinguished festival for Tibetan Buddhists. This festival is distinguished in the fourth month of the Tibetan calendar. Saga means fourth and Dawa means month. This festival means that it is celebrated in the fourth month of Tibetan Buddhists. The 15th of this month is a full moon day, which is the greatest day in Buddhism. Lord Buddha was born, educated and passed away on this day.

festivals of bhutan

The people of Bhutan praise various kinds of festivals throughout the year. There are occasional Bhutanese festivals as well as Bhutanese festivals such as the Bhutanese New Year. The most important festival among the festivals of Bhutan is the Tshechu. Most of the festivals in Bhutan are celebrated at the end of the growing season in Bhutan. The monks are masked during the dance, which is the main point of this festival. All dance movements, masks and clothing have a sacred meaning. Bhutanese festivals are colorful and very energetic. Thousands of tourists flock to attend Bhutanese festivals throughout the year.

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