Google SEO Update

It has been an occasional trend that every year, Google changes its search algorithm method 500 to 600 times. However, as trivial as these changes are, since they happen every few months, the ‘major’ algorithmic change affects search results.

These minimal changes are very important to search marketers as they affect the ranking and organic traffic of the website. They affect search engine optimization. Common and crucial Google SEO updates include Panda 3.9, Link Warnings, Panda 3.8, Penguin 1.1, and Knowledge Graph, among many. Updates are named after the location or a known Google engineer.

Why the change?

Google engineers noted that the changes primarily target web spam. The changes are made to reduce sites that have been violating Google’s existing quality guidelines. The changes are also made to promote high-quality content, giving search engine users an improved and satisfying experience.

The changes also target white hat SEO methods other than engaging in unproductive web spam tactics. Thus, it helps to track manipulative websites. The latest update was to minimize optimized websites that can have a lot of unnatural links, automated content, keyword overpopulation, and much more. He also noted that it was about reducing the amount of plugins or “above the fold” found on websites, therefore the user accesses the content immediately.

How updates work

Google engineers pointed out that search engine optimization can be very positive and constructive if individual pages are accessible. They can accomplish this primarily by using better “white hat” search engine optimization where there is good website marketing and more compelling substance to the user. The opposite of this method is where some websites use loopholes and shortcuts and yet provide unsatisfactory answers to the user.

A good example of SEO updating is the ‘above-the-fold’ technique where, if a site exceeds the recommended grade and makes it difficult to find the original content of the site or the user will discern it faster, once the algorithmic updates are implemented . , the site ranking drops. However, the changes are also affected by the number of pages on the site, how quickly Googleboot can scan the content, among many others.

Reflection on Marketing Services

Many researchers went so far as to point out that Google’s SEO update was not to favor others as it received harsh criticism from some online marketplace service websites, but to make search engine usage memorable and satisfying. . In addition, it may be that the links that Google points to are related to the affected websites.

Websites that mainly abused keywords, quotes from some city names, or those that used the word ‘seo’, or web design websites were hit hard and their rankings dropped as expected. Among the few were online money, pharmaceuticals, office space industry, or entertainment guide websites.

Suggested Methods to Improve Ranking

To keep up with the Google SEO update, my recommendations are:

  • Update your content regularly
  • Reduce spin and use rewritten content by hand
  • Add the Google+1 button to your website
  • Post news content at least once a week.
  • Use of video marketing.
  • Upload fresh and original images often.
  • Use different fonts to make your endorsements
  • The next time the SEO update comes around, do your best.

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