Eat healthy on a budget

Think eating healthy on a budget is impossible? Many people believe that lowering food costs means that healthy foods can no longer be purchased.

Some people even convince themselves that healthy weight loss isn’t possible unless they spend a lot of money.

But eating healthy on a budget and losing weight the healthy way is not only possible, but with a little planning you can cut food costs and still eat healthy foods.

Here are some tips to make eating healthy on a tight budget easier.

Plan your weekly food menus with healthy eating recipes and make a shopping list of those items before you shop. This saves you time at the store and can save you a lot of money because you’re less likely to buy on impulse.

Stock your fridge and cupboards with healthy foods, and to keep costs down, avoid extras like soda, chips, baked goods, and other high-calorie items.

Children and sometimes even spouses are often the ones ordering junk food. Remember, food choices are an important factor in determining the health of you and your family.

Buy more water or milk instead of soft drinks when you go shopping and you will save money. You can still enjoy your favorite soft drinks in a
sporting event or night out. For healthy weight loss, simply make it a diet soda.

Buy fruit in bulk when it’s in season and freeze any extra. Simply wash the fruit well, dry it completely, and then freeze it in plastic zipper bags.

While lean meat and seafood are excellent sources of protein, they can be expensive. To cut your costs, use beans as a substitute for meat on occasion.

Beans are very inexpensive and make eating healthy on a budget really simple. There are several varieties of beans and preparing them in a crock pot and making a salad makes for an easy meal.

Another great way to eat healthy on a budget is to pack your brown bag lunch. It takes a little longer, but with the right food choices, it’s healthier and less expensive.

Peanut butter is also great for those on a budget and almost everyone likes it. Use it for sandwiches along with jam instead of expensive cold cuts.

For healthy weight loss, try adding sugar-free jam because it has a lot less calories and fat than regular jam, but still tastes great.

If you eat foods that are high in water content like watermelon, salads, and even sugar-free Jell-O, they are inexpensive, great for healthy weight loss, and work great for healthy eating on a budget.

It’s easy to fall into a rut of eating the same expensive and unhealthy foods. But once you regain control by planning your weekly meal menus with healthy recipes, you’ll be able to enjoy a good variety of foods again.

Eating healthy on a budget can be as simple as making a few different choices.

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