Create a Facebook account

Creating a Facebook account is simple and easy. As soon as the Facebook home page loads, there is an account creation application on the right side of the screen, ready to be completed. Start by entering your first and last name in the spaces provided. Next, enter an email where you can be easily contacted, then create a password. Try not to use any personal information and choose an alphanumeric code that is easy to remember. After entering this information, use the dropdown menus to choose your gender and date of birth. Finally, click “Sign Up”.

The next section is a security check section. The code you will enter will tell the site that you are a real human being. Enter the two words with the appropriate capital letters and characters. Remember to put a space between the two sentences. If you’re having trouble reading the words, you can click the highlighted link titled “an audio CAPTCHA” to hear another phrase. Once you have entered the necessary information to continue, click “Sign Up” once more.

This will take you through a three-step process. This process will allow you to customize your Facebook information, add friends, and add a picture to your main profile. If any of the steps provided do not help you, you can click the “Skip This Step” link at the bottom right at any time to proceed to the next step.

The first step will be to add friends and family to your Facebook. Based on your Internet Protocol or IP address, Facebook can determine your location and suggest people you might be interested in adding. Just click “Add Friend” if you want to add someone, or click “Ignore” to remove them from this section entirely. Friends can always be added later using the search engine provided after registration. When you’re done adding friends, you’ll automatically be taken to the next step.

The second step will ask you to add your school and work information so you can join a Facebook network. Enter your high school and college, or university. Then use the dropdown menus to identify what year you left. If you are employed and would like to make your workplace public, enter the company you work for in the “Company” box, then press the “Save and Continue” button. This will take you to another section for adding contacts, where you can add people who attend or have attended your high school, college, university, or workplace. Again, repeat the process in Step One to add these contacts to your Facebook friends list.

The last step, Step Three, will allow you to add a photo of yourself. You can take a new photo using “Take a Photo” with a webcam, or upload a previously taken photo from your computer. If you are uploading an image from your computer, a box will open within Facebook. Click the “Browse” button, select the folder where the image is located on your computer, and click the image you want to use. If you’re taking a new photo, this will also open a new window in Facebook. Click “Save Image” to take a picture of yourself. When you’re done adding a photo of yourself, click “Save and continue.”

Check your email and click the link provided to verify that your account is real. You will then be taken to your new Facebook home page and you are done. Have fun adding friends, posting links, and connecting with others with one of the largest social networking sites on the web!

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