Role of Teachers of Teen Suicide: Tips to Prevent Part 5

Dear readers of the ezine, I will make an effort to discuss the role of teachers in preventing teen suicide. I am optimistic about your support in preventing teen suicide. I would focus my discussion around some cases of suicide where we have failed as parents, friends, and teachers. The suicide of a thirteen year […]

What is the Electronic Nose?

Introduction Electronic Nose (eNose) is a device used to detect and recognize odours/vapours, i.e. a mechanical sniffing device with an array of chemical sensors. Alternatively, according to the definition of Gardner and Bartlett, (1994) [3]: “An electronic nose is an instrument comprising an array of electronic chemical sensors with partial specificity and an appropriate pattern […]

Facts you need to know about aquamarine

Aquamarine General Information In the beryl species, aquamarine is second only to emerald in popularity. Fine aquamarines are combined with diamonds and set in platinum in this jewelry set. The name “aquamarine” is derived from two Latin words: aqua, meaning “water” and marina, meaning “of the sea.” In the commercial market, aquamarine competes with treated […]

Milford Sound, New Zealand: the world’s top tourist destination

It all started with a special birthday “So what would you like to have for your birthday?” I asked my dear daughter Ketki. After all, it was her 21st birthday and a very special one for all of us. Having known Ketki for so long, I knew that she would flash her carrot smile and […]

Coronavirus: ancient method of health, happiness, youth and faith

Many confused faith and rigid belief systems as similar, while faith and residual happiness more confused as separate. Religious faith tends to be dominated by doctrine. In how well we can preach literal stories as real as opposed to mature esoteric understanding. And of course true faith, literal or esoteric, can be seen everywhere, in […]