Brian Fanale – The Rock Star – Expert Review

This expert review of internet rock star Brian Fanale is brought to you by someone whose life has been touched by the principles of attraction marketing and lives by the principles on which Brian Finale has built his empire.

Biography of Brian Fanale

Brian Fanale, co-founder of MLM Lead System Pro, did not originally set out to be an internet rock star in the MLM industry. After graduating in 2005 with a pre-med degree, he decided against medicine and corporate America and decided to pursue his dream of becoming a true rock star (as a musician). As you can guess, things didn’t go according to plan… You can imagine how hard it is to make it in that industry. He was a bartender and struggled to get his band off the ground, but ended up saving only about $2,000 in 10 months. Well, that just wouldn’t work for the rock star lifestyle he was looking for…so he did what all self-respecting kid musicians would do: he went online, found MLM, and the rest is. .. how can you say… history.

Hmmm… Wouldn’t that be great? A storybook ending where you just joined an MLM company and the money came pouring in? Ok, back to reality! Brian Fanale’s first three years in MLM were a nightmare and he racked up over $20,000 in debt trying to make his business work. He was banging his head against the wall like a lot of us using old fashioned techniques that didn’t really work that well in the first place. But during this time he also immersed himself in personal development. He went to seminars, trainings, read countless books and literally got inside the heads of millionaires to find out how they thought. What he didn’t realize at the time was that he was paving the way to his future, which is now where HEARS is the millionaire. As he changed his “mind” in his inner world, he changed what he was attracting and things began to change in his outer world. The mentors he had been looking for for years magically appeared and taught him exactly what they were doing to make millions of dollars in the MLM industry.

So Brian got to work and in 3 months:

— He was one of the highest earners in his main company.

— Started generating over 100 leads per day.

— Prospects began to reach to the and were sold in to the – most of the time even before they spoke.

And finally, today, as the co-founder of one of the largest attraction marketing systems on the planet, he hit the $2 million per year mark in the first six months.

Become the internet rock star

PHEW! what a story! But the best of Brian Fanale? He returns. He is willing to teach everyone what he knows. Brian Fanale will teach you exactly what he does and there are many successful people today because of him and his company. How many real “gurus” do you know that are easily accessible? Brian Fanale became a rock star, okay… not the one he originally set out to be, but an internet rock star. Anyone can learn these same techniques because attraction marketing works and attraction marketing is the future of marketing in general. You just need to know where to go to learn them. Find someone who is doing better than you, learn from them, and then take action. There are NO Action, like massive action!

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